Imagine having your own personal

masseuse to direct which muscles to

 massage.  The QCA Spas Massage

Sequencer allows you to control jet

patterns, placement, and speed so

you can pinpoint the areas of your

 body to massage.



1) Maximum Turbo Charge:  Jets provide a vigorous massage to loosen thoseQCASPASHYDROTHERAPY2

tight, knotted muscles and increase blood and oxygen circulation to sore muscles and joints.

2) Medium Turbo Charging:  Decreases the amount of forced air injected into the water for a mid-range level of massage.

3) Low Turbo  Charging:  Provides a low level of forced air and water mixture to soothe tired, aching muscles back to health.

4) Hydro-Boost Level:  Injects a mild level of air into the water for an invigorating massage.

5) Hydro-Massage Level:  Provides a pure, warm stream of water to soothe muscles and increase blood flow and oxygen circulation to the body.

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